February 15, 2006

Bali Death Penalties

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:04 pm by thelawthoughts

With all the rara about the Bali Nine, I found myself having a strange reaction reading the paper today.

I just don’t care.

I’m not sure whether I am busy, or tired, or what, but I can’t be bothered even getting indignant or upset about the fact these people are going to be executed.

The death penalty is unacceptable in all cases and it is so sad that people are stupid enough to try their hand at these things in countries which are never going to let them escape.

Ask those two blokes – ‘is the money really worth it’?

However, the way the media blows these things up periodically leads to a feeling of vengeance and righteousness in those who want them shot, and despair for those fighting to defend peoples’ right not to be executed. On this one, I am just not interested.



  1. =NB: Entierly said with a Dath
    Vader Impression=

    Yes! Embrace the apathy, come to the Dark Side…

    =End Darth Vader Impression=

    But seriously. Disagree with you on the death penalty. While being a total contradiction for how it’s used (usually, you killed someone now we kill you), should be used for the charge of high treason in a time of war, or more serious crimes like genocide.

  2. I don’t see any justification at all. We will never agree on this point, but I don’t see why even people convicted of genocide or treason should be executed.

    How does that make us as a society better than them?

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