May 3, 2006

Failed Capital Punishment

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If this incident is not a strong enough indictment of capital punishment, probably nothing will be.

The lethal injection on this bloke didn’t work, because the vein they were trying to use collapsed.

Can you picture the horror of this scene? You have a guy strapped to a bed, knowing he is about to die. He doesn’t die. He looks around and says ‘kill me properly, damn it’. He doesn’t really, but you get the picture.

If this is not cruel and unusual punishment, I defy anybody to give me a better example. What chaos.


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  1. Your right, what happened here is certainly cruel and unusual. However, it was most certainly was an accident (part of the unusual thing). However, it’s probably not the biggest stuff up of a capital sentence.

    I read some place that they screwed up using the electric chair on occasion much like in the movie The Green Mile.

    I am unsure if you can call isolated incidents like this an indictment of capital punishment. If you want to argue that point there are two better questions to ask.

    1) Does capital punishment work as a deterrent?
    2) Has an innocent person ever been put to death?

    This is an isolated incident. Personally I think that there is far more cruelty within prisons. Someone once told me that it takes on average 15 minutes for a man to be violated once they hit general population. I would imagine that 5 years imprisonment with a side order of rape would be far more cruel and unusual. What is worse is that being raped in prison is not anomalous but systematic.

    I’m not sure what goes through the mind of a condemned man and I’m not going to pretend to. However, an extra 30 minutes of life before they cured me of my nasty oxygen habit would be welcomed.

    But, maybe that’s just the Mersault in me talking.

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