May 23, 2006

Iran v Israel – Round 26483

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:21 pm by thelawthoughts

Someone tell me – can they do that??

For those who can’t be bothered clicking the link, Israel is going to sue Iran in the ICJ for incitement to genocide.

UPDATED: Here is a nice little summary of the legal issues involved in this case.

Trust Opinio Juris to come up with the goods.



  1. rax said,

    I don’t know why they shouldn’t be allowed to. All things considered it’s seems like a better option than bombing nuclear facilities (Iraq, 1981), or bulldozing people’s houses (West Bank, ongoing). If people criticize Israel for reacting to threats with violence, and then criticize them again when they react to threats in the legal sphere (without violence), what do they gain by acting in a way more consistent with international law? By that I mean, if the rest of the world is gonna beat Israel up either way, why shouldn’t they just do what they want, and screw what the rest of the world thinks?

  2. Thanks for the comment rax. I wasn’t criticising at all, if you think I was. I think it is a much better avenue for resolution than violence as well.

    All I was asking was whether as a legal matter they had any grounds. Under what convention? What do they need to do legally to establish a cause? And what is the remedy?

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