June 9, 2006

Some ‘How to Get Noticed’ Links

Posted in blogging at 6:29 am by thelawthoughts

For all you bloggers out there who are frustrated non-famous people, have a look at Seth Godin and Dave Pollard's posts about how to get noticed, and what the blogosphere wants.

Interesting to me is the presence of opposites in Godin's list. Blog about your kids, but don't. Blog on weekends to stand out in a smaller crowd, but blog on weekdays because there are more readers. I think it is summed up in another must – absorb all day, every day. Blog when you can. Blog when you think of something. Blog when a news article makes you so mad you want to throw your computer out of the window.

Because in the end, there are so many ways of being noticed that it only takes what works for you to catch on somehow, before you are in feedreaders everywhere. 


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