June 11, 2006

Fair Use Copyright Review

Posted in copyright, fair use, law reform at 4:00 am by thelawthoughts

Kim Weatherall provides an in-depth commentary on the Fair Use review just held in Australia.

They are getting there, although I always doubt the ability of Parliament to keep up with technology as the Attorney General says it should. Why not draft the legislation to allow the US case-by-case assessment of whether the use is fair use? My impression of the Copyright Act provisions were that they were so narrow as to be almost non-existent.

My biggest gripe is that, although it is now legal to tape your favourite show and watch it later, if you watch it more than once, watch out.

Why would a review which was designed to weed out the ridiculous time- and format- shifting anomalies in the current Act leave oddities like this in there by choice?


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