June 12, 2006

Is Appealing Appealing? (updated)

Posted in criminal law, judgments and transcripts at 9:17 am by thelawthoughts

Since Zarah Garde-Wilson is the subject of every second search that drives traffic to my blog, I thought I should write another post about her. People obviously want to know.

Links are somewhere, but she has abandoned her potential appeal against her contempt of court conviction. This in effect means she is trading off her practicing certificate on the chance she would go to jail for a month or so.

That is such a tough call for a person to make. For me, I would probably have a crack. I would figure that my career was that important. I don't think they would have sent her to the big house. If you read Harper J's first instance judgment, he was big on her having been through enough. I think the bench get it.

Here is a question. Would you testify? Would you be scared? Would you be scared enough to trade in your career? These are the decisions people make every day I suppose.

I also guess that one can always find another career, however it is tough to forget going to jail.

UPDATED: This post had a page view within five minutes of being posted. Incredible. 


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