June 12, 2006


Posted in constitution, funny law, judgments and transcripts at 9:52 am by thelawthoughts

I, along with lots of others, have previously noted Inchoate's invaluable service of providing High Court transcript humour.

This is the latest piece of verbal acrobatics of Mr. Bennett, in arguing that murders in lighthouses should be able to be dealt with under the lighthouses power. This would, of course, bring extra criminal legislative power into the hands of the Commonwealth, at the expense of the States.

However, it is the Special Leave application in the same post that got my attention. Go and read the Hich Court transcript here. Mr. Walker from the other side didn't even need to speak, save for his 'we seek costs, your Honour'. Payday. What would he and his learned junior picked up for that court appearance? $1000 each?

The easiest money they ever made. 



  1. Patrick said,

    Much more.

    fwiw, Mr Walker is probably the best speaker at the bar. Read more of his transcripts; he is extremely agile.

  2. It’s a crazy world. I am sure he is – you don’t get the work he does without being something special.

  3. pp said,

    Yeah I saw that too. Inchoate is brilliant – I don’t know how he does it. Reading transcripts I guess?

  4. I think so – it is a matter of having the time and inclination I suppose. However, when somebody like him provides all that one needs, unless there is a specific reason to read the TS, there seems not much point.

    I know it is important to do, but I just can’t find the time!!

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