June 14, 2006

Time to Move

Posted in random at 9:42 am by thelawthoughts

I know this isn't law related, but I had to share Stephen Hawking showing off his noted brilliance. How are we going to combat global warming? We need to colonise Mars and move to the moon.

Now, apart from the fact we can't even land on the bloody thing, we don't have enough spacesuits to go around to live on the moon.

Seriously though, why can't somebody noted for his intelligence use a speech-making opportunity to tell people global warming is real, that using big cars and power plants makes the world throw us off and actually provide a useful set of discussion points?

Don't tell me that if some people who 'don't believe' heard Stephen Hawking saying it, they wouldn't take it on board.



  1. Dash Brannigan said,

    Wow, at least he thinks big!

    Seriously though, why would you want to set out a set of discussion points that everybody else is saying. I mean it’s not exactly original to say that we need to save the earth.

    I think what Professor Hawking is saying is far more profound than “we need drive smaller cars”. He’s saying that we’ve arsed up this world so damn much that we have to move some place else.

    You can’t get any more real than that can you. Global warming is so bad that one of the greatest minds in the world is saying we have to leave!

    Hopefully that might get some people to stand up and take notice.

  2. Yeah, that’s true I suppose. Maybe it is more calculated to give people a wake up than I gave credit for.

    It just seemed to be very astrophysicist pie-in-the-sky kind of stuff on first read.

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