June 27, 2006

Blair Losing His Way?

Posted in politics at 1:06 pm by thelawthoughts

This is nothing but a simple excuse for me to say ‘I hope so’. Is Tony Blair losing his sense of purpose and direction?

I hope so, because I have money on him at tradesports.com to resign by December this year.



  1. Dash Brannigan said,

    Had a look at that trade sports. They have betting on who will make the final table of the main event at the world series of poker. Two words… sucker bet!

    Pitty about Mr Blair. If he does retire by December you may be richer but I have a feeling the world would be poorer for it.

  2. On what basis? What has Tony Blair ever done? I mean, apart from the obvious tagalong war, what, a few minor education reforms, showering money on the National Health Service, and what else?

  3. Dash Brannigan said,

    Click on this like to No.10

    Then click on this link to the Whitehouse

    Then this link to our PM’s site.

    Do you notice a difference in the issues which they consider important? I just get the feeling that when I see Mr. Blair, I’m looking at wasted talent. A potentially great world leader wasted. I find that very saddening.

  4. Yes, I completely agree, and that is the problem. He has had almost ten (?) years in power and really hasn’t taken much advantage of his opportunity. I think the last 5 years have been so terribly wasted, because he forced his country into getting involved in Iraq.

    I read an interesting piece is the Economist today actually, which said rumours were floating around that Iraq was a very crucial payback in getting America’s assistance for the successor to Britain’s Trident nuclear weapons system.

    In any case, if he focused on health and education he probably would have made significant advances. He is the kind of guy who should have been out all guns blazing in favour of the ICC, UN reform, debt relief and all that stuff. But he wasn’t.

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