August 8, 2006

HC Follow Up

Posted in high court, judgments and transcripts at 1:26 am by thelawthoughts

Further to my previous post, I am going to run a little poll. I can’t work out polling software so comments are welcome, please.

What is the most interesting High Court case this year?

1. Waller – suing a doctor for wrongful life for failure to advise of genetic condition in IVF baby?

2. Theophanus – examination of the interplay between criminal law and ability of the government to seize superannuation of that person?

3. Koroitamana – whether children born in Australia are aliens? I did think this was already decided by Singh a few years ago but I must admit to not having read it yet.

4. Buckley – whether evidence of sex with animals could be taken into account when deciding on an indefinite sentence (my pick)?

5. Cummins – if only because he is a bankrupt barrister with lots ofassets in the wife’s name and a strange lack of tax returns for x years?

6. One of the hundreds of industrial law cases decided this year?

7. Something else? You must specify.

Let’s see what we get.


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